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Krishidev fertilizers & Seeds

Krishidev Fertilizers & Seeds Ltd. is a leading Manufacturing company specializing in sale & marketing, distribution & supply of high quality product i.e agricultural Fertilizers, animal feed & supplements, Certified Agro Seeds with global operations, farms and distribution, servicing facilities in entire India, We are premier supporter of the stable supply of high quality feed, fresh produce, Agro fertilizers & Seeds products and Animal feeds Supplements to the local and regional markets. our unique value proposition coupled with specialization in logistics and supply chain.

Krishidev Foundation

We all know that if a farmer does not produce crops and does not produce food, then what we eat is a statement that makes us realize how important the farmer and farming are in our lives. Agricultural activity is the greatest requirement of man. Can i be anything more important than any person for his life? The soul gives life to the body and after the air and water to maintain the body, the food is the biggest requirement which is achieved only by 'agriculture’. Therefore, agricultural activity is the most important activity of all man's activities.

krishidev kisan patrika

The purpose of the magazine is to provide an open forum to the authors to publish their knowledge and experiences, and the readers have to get the information of important activities in the field of agriculture. To make this move a success, anyone associated with the agricultural sector Also, whether farmers, agricultural researchers, students, scientists, expansion workers, or anyone, author and reader of agricultural science, all requested that It is said that your knowledge and experience in the field of agriculture By sharing each other's experiences and farming information from one region to another.

Our Mission

0ur mission is to bring happiness on every farmer’s to save and secure his life. Through our good quality of product and support, we here to help on every situation to improve the yield and productivity of the farmer, get a better result. Food is very necessary for himself and his family We are committed to provide quality products with total reliability and excellent services.

Our Vision

Our vision is to in the world cooperate in the field of fertilizers and full fill your all the requirement that is you need for agriculture fertilizer. And we will continue to protect you at all steps to improve your Vision.We are committed to provide quality products with total reliability and provide the 100% product satisfaction to the customer .

Our Values

The company shall deal in all aspects of Business with integrity, honesty, transparency and with utmost respect to the stakeholders, by honoring our commitments, providing results and striving for highest quality.There are many things like on popular technologies in the field of agriculture. In the changing scenario of success stories, our ancient agricultural systems.